Slope 3

About Slope 3

Slope 3 is an endless speed-up game where you can control a ball rolling through obstacles. With the goal of reaching the highest score possible, drive well.

Slope 3 Overview

People who enjoy high-speed games will love Slope 3. This game takes you on an adventure as you drive a ball rolling through special slopes embellished with neon lights. You won't be able to take your eyes off the track.

What's new in the Slope 3 game compared to the original Slope?

Compared to the original Slope game, Slope 3 looks more complex, with updated graphics and additional mechanics. While the Slope game focuses on a simple, endless run with a minimalist design, Slope 3 introduces enhanced visuals. The common thing is that players all face increasing difficulty. Slope 3 generally brings something new to the original, providing a more diverse and visually appealing experience. 

How to Play Slope 3

A Similar Gameplay to Slope Game

Master the controls

Keeping the ball under control is important. To keep the ball on track, make sure you have good, smooth control over it. To avoid sudden moves, learn how sensitive the controller is.

How to play Slope

Anticipate obstacles on the slope

As in the original Slope game, there are so many obstacles in your way. Therefore, it is necessary to plan your moves. Remember that touching red obstacles ends the game.

Proceed to the greatest extent feasible

Getting the best score means going as far as you can on the difficult track. You need to practice hundreds of times to keep the ball moving down the path without hitting anything.


Use keyboard arrow keys to drive the ball:

  • A/Left arrow = Move Left
  • D/Right arrow = Move Right

Slope 3 Game Features

  • Attractive neon graphics
  • Charming sound effects
  • Unpredictable race tracks
  • Fast speed
  • Strategic thinking

Tips and tricks

Practice makes perfect

Putting in a lot of practice time is helpful. Over time, you'll get used to how the ball moves and be able to control it smoothly and correctly.

Focus and concentration are key

There will be more and more problems, and you need to always be aware of them. Try to keep an eye on the race so you can make good decisions to avoid obstacles. Playing with the full-screen mode may be of help for the process.

Learn from mistakes

Look at what you did wrong and change your plan to reflect that. Experience from previous times may help you promptly react to rapidly changing courses.

Keep your run straight on the slope

On the neon slopes, keeping the ball between the lines makes it run more smoothly.

Don't let your mind be distracted by colors

The game features two main colors of blocks: blue blocks, which is safe, and red blocks, which you should avoid. It turns red when you fall or crash. It’s important to not be distracted.

Be patient to see the results

To beat your best score, you can play this Slope game over and over again. When you crash or fall off the edge at the same point in the game, try a different strategy the next time you play.

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How do you win the Slope 3 game?

With the real-time gameplay, the only way to win at Slope 3 unblocked is to control the ball rolling well. You must get a ball down a hill without letting it fall or hitting anything.

What is a good score in Slope 3 game?

More than a year ago, a YouTube account named Kylaxial scored 525 points in Slope 3, which was considered the record up to that time. For normal players, a score of over 300 is considered a high score in the game. Only a few players, however, manage to reach that. Give it a try, and see if you can be one of them.

Subsidiary information: Among comments on the shared video, many players also expressed that they were more impressed with the theme of Slope 3 than the original Slope game and that they actually had a better gaming experience with it. This is a compelling reason to give this version of the game a try.


As a big fan of this game, you know how exciting it is to guide a ball down a dangerous slope 3 while dodging obstacles. Slope 3 Game has simple yet addictive gameplay, but it's easy to immerse yourself in for hours. It can help you relax and challenge yourself in endless races. Most importantly, have fun while enjoying the challenge.

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